Hello all,

Goodvibesgoodbooks here !!!

I’m not so sure what to fill this home page with now that I’ve moved everything around. I went and organized and now need to finish the details. I have added an about me page. A link to my Bookstagram, as well as my personal Instagram account. The link to my goodreads, where I post strictly ratings. Full reviews can only be found on here. I have also added a fancy new page that has a full Alphabetical list of books I’ve read, with links for each book that has a separate review page!! pretty fancy huh. The page for book hauls, etc.. is under construction. Anyway, leave comments or concerns or questions or anything.. I would love to hear what you think I should add, what I should read, etc. 🙂

Enjoy the “update.”

Good reads 2018 reading challenge ::
8 / 40