Dr Holy Hotness – Katy Connor

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Synopsis ::
The minute I laid eyes on Jenny Price in medical school she was mine — One look and she belonged to me. I had one chance to make her mine, but she ran away. Now I’m the Chief of Orthopedic Surgery and not much phases me. That is, until I walk into a room and see her.

Dr. Jenny Price right there in front of me. She’s even more beautiful than she was years ago, and her scent makes me want her body to be my next vacation. Too bad she’s intent on picking a fight with me every other day. But when she barges into my office and brushes those soft curves against me, that’s when all the arguing turns into something else. And now that we’ve both gotten a taste, I don’t know if either of us can stop.

My Review :: Contains SOME Spoilers

2 stars – DNF

I couldn’t do it, I lasted I think 40 pages. This was already a novella length book.. and yet she still rushed EVERYTHING. I repeat… everything. I didn’t see this book as cute, I didn’t once read about how they had such a connection that made the rate they went from first sentence to sex, seem “justified.” It was all just ridiculous. I’ve been watching you for four years. oh, okay. let’s do it. I wish I could have continued, I HATE not finishing a book. I tried, I pushed past obscene moment #1.. and then #2 and I thought eh.. maybe it’ll still get better. They will have an actual conversation and some character build. And then, they didn’t she just confesses she doesn’t want to leave him, for the career she’s been working for.. for years, after 3 days together. ITS 2019 YA’LL… You do who and want you want, you do you boo boo and be proud of it. But don’t make a romance novelLA and not have quite literally any back bone behind it/her, other then she swooned over literally every word he said about him stalking her.

Book Details ::

Published on :: February 18th, 2019
Publishing Company :: Entangled Publishing
Pages :: 153
Series or Standalone :: Standalone

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