Review Request Policy

If you have a book you are interested in having my honest opinion added to your sites and records, please take a look at the information below. I post reviews about EVERY book I read on this blog, Goodreads, AND Amazon. I try and post photos of as many as I can on my Instagram page, but can not guarantee your book will have a photo posted. Please feel free to check out my following on any of the above.
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Your novel may be accepted for review, and yet you may not see a review finished. A review will always be attempted in a timely manor, but a quick review or a finished review at all, is not guaranteed. 

Genres I Enjoy: 
Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Erotica, and Thrillers.
Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbooks, Housewares/Fixer Upper Books.

I accept ::
I prefer :: Paperback, Hardcover, ARC’s.
But, can also accept :: Ebooks.

If your book fits in these categories, or if not and you think the book you are representing would peak my interest even still. Please send me a email at with the title, author, pub date, and synopsis. I check and (try to) reply to my emails daily. Please note, an acceptance on your novel is an opportunity gained, but not necessarily guaranteed.

Thank you for your interest, I would love to be a part of sharing your book with the world!!! 🙂